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GL 015 Milking Center Wastewater

All dairy farms produce and then must dispose of wastewater from their milking centers. There is great variability in the quantity of wastewater produced as well as the concentration of contaminants from farm to farm. There are also a number of ways to treat the effluent. Each dairy farmer needs to evaluate the specific situation on their farm to determine the best treatment method for them.

NOTE: This document was originally published in cooperation with the Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service (NRAES), a cooperative program of 13 Land Grant Universities and USDA. NRAES became the Natural Resource, Agriculture and Engineering Service. NRAES is no longer active in any form and has become part of Plant & Life Sciences Publishing (PALS) at Cornell University. This document in its present form has been discontinued under NRAES/PALS. It is currently archived under the DPC but is still available.

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