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GL 001 Planning Dairy Freestall Barns

The guideline provides general information that should be considered before beginning construction. It also gives detailed illustrations and information about all of the major functional components of the system and provides an index and checklist at the end. DPC 66, Planning a Dairy Complex "100+ Questions To Ask," is a beneficial prelude to this guideline. DPC 1 was developed cooperatively with the Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service.

This guideline is an up-to-date source of information for design and use of 21st century freestall dairy housing as part of a milk production system. It covers the performance requirements for designing, constructing and operating modern dairy freestall shelters or barns to provide basic cow comfort, health and care; production and protection of high quality milk, worker safety and productivity and environmental protection. Performance requirements are included for site selection and development; interior barn layouts; freestall (cubicle) design; construction and management; ventilation; and manure and liquid waste water handling. A competent agricultural engineer and agricultural builder in consolation with regulatory agencies are necessary to assure that these recommendations are properly executed in the final structure.

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