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GL 073 Layout of Dairy Milkrooms for Small Ruminant Operations

This guideline provides useful information pertaining to milkrooms and milk cooler installations for small ruminant operations. The major areas of functional planning are covered including can coolers and freezers. This guideline introduces a new term, “Dry Milkroom.” You will see in the text that this does not mean a room that cannot be washed down, but rather a room that does not normally have washing activities in it. The room still needs to meet all PMO requirements for a milkroom. All farms with a dry milkroom will also have a normal milkroom where all washing activities will be done. This guideline is designed to give a producer the basic information needed to lay out a milkroom. DPC 41 gives more construction and engineering detail and while written for larger milkrooms the principles and regulations are the same regardless of size. Check with your regulatory agency before you start construction to see if any changes need to be made. Get your milkhouse plans approved before the concrete is poured, after that the changes are expensive.

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