NDPC Becomes DPC 1994 – 2009

1995 - 1997

Thank you to Donald George, formerly Director, Animal & Dairy Industries Division, VT Department of Agriculture, Food and Markets, who became Executive Vice President of the DPC January 1995 and moved the DPC office to Barre, VT.  Judy Scruton became an employee of the DPC office as Operations Manager.  Don began his term at the time the membership voted to change the name from the Northeast Dairy Practices Council (NDPC) to the Dairy Practices Council (DPC).  The Council logo and name had to be changed on the Guidelines, brochures, binders, and all Council materials. He had the task of making the change known to all groups involved with the DPC and of assuring that the reputation of the organization known as the Northeast Dairy Practices Council, which had been built over the last 25 years, did not get separated from the new name of The Dairy Practices Council; and that the well known logo of the NDPC represented the same organization as the new DPC logo.

The name change opened membership to states outside the northeast.  During Don George’s tenure from January 1995 through December 1997, state membership grew from 15 states to 23, as all states using the DPC Guidelines could now become members. The number of sustaining members grew from 86 to 111.The number of Guidelines also increased and in 1997 a fourth binder was added to the Complete Set and a third binder was added to the Farm and Plant Set.  Distribution of Guidelines expanded outside the United States to Canada and several foreign countries.

Don George provided excellent leadership to the Council during the crucial transition and expansion from a northeast Council to a national Council. He retired from DPC in December 1997.

1998 - 2008

A sincere thank you to Terry Musson whose experienced leadership brought increased levels of membership and participation to the DPC. Terry, who was formerly the FDA Senior Regional Milk Specialist of the Northeast Region, became Executive Vice President of the DPC January 1998 and the DPC office was moved to Keyport, NJ. Terry began the sale of Guidelines through the Internet and also began the electronic Guideline review process; both essential and relevant in the changing workplace and technology of the time.

The purpose of the change from the NDPC to the DPC was to allow expansion of membership; the DPC name and logo were now registered trademarks. Terry’s immediate emphasis was on marketing; getting the word out and talking to people directly.  He prepared a Marketing Display and began a series of marketing trips, with five trips the first year. He brought the DPC’s presence to many meeting sites including the NCIMS and the NMC; state membership expanded from 23 to 34 states. As a result of his trips, additional educational members, four FDA regions, a Canadian province and new sustaining members joined. He took the DPC display to 3 International Dairy Conferences and the DPC international members increased because of his efforts (28 at the time this was presented).  He sent the DPC display to meetings where DPC members were in attendance and were available to handle the display for him, i.e., IAFP, regional IAFP, and state dairy meetings. He did an outstanding job of initiating and maintaining a network of DPC contacts across the United States and across the global dairy industry as well.

During the first year of Terry's tenure, Judy Scruton continued as a DPC employee and worked with Terry to set up a Domain Web Site for the DPC.  In January 1999 Judy left and Vera Bell began working part time in the DPC office. Terry expanded the use of credit cards for all sales transactions in 1998 and began the sale of Guidelines through the Internet.  He designed a new, updated cover for the DPC brochure and updated the advertisement used by Hoard’s Dairymen and the IAFP Journal.  He expanded the use of press releases in dairy industry magazines. At his suggestion a policy was put in place in 2001 to send Guidelines in white copy to key sanitarians for review electronically rather than through the mail.  Also at his suggestion, white copy review was expanded to include educational members.

Terry initiated membership cards in 2003 and certificates of membership for Regulatory and Educational Members.  At the request of the Executive Board, he prepared a peer review statement, which now appears on the preface page of all Guidelines.  The number of Guidelines has increased and a fifth binder was added to the Complete set in 2004.

By 2005, at the Board's request, Terry had worked to move all Guidelines into pdf format; and he made them available for sale on the website. By 2007, he had converted all Guidelines and Sets to CD; and members were offered the choice to purchase Sets on CD. This was a major step toward keeping DPC current in the electronic age.

Terry Musson provided excellent, confident leadership to the Council during a period of growth and expansion.  He was aware of the need for future planning and for keeping the DPC current with both the industry and with technology. Also, due to his financial expertise, he was able to leave the DPC in a very financially sound position. Terry provided the DPC with the essential component of continuity in the DPC leadership and continuity in the DPC office by accepting his third term as Executive Vice President and then serving an additional 2 years at the request of the Board. On January 1, 2009 Terry retired as EVP of DPC.


M. Jeffrey Bloom, who spent over 38 years in the dairy industry, became Executive Vice President of DPC in January 2009 and the DPC office was moved to Newtown, PA.

The story of the DPC is to be continued.