The Eugene T. Wolff Service Award


Every organization has dedicated members, who volunteer their time to set up and lead meetings and events. These same organizations often have one or two individuals that go above and beyond, sometimes working long hours behind the scenes. Without these individuals, many events would not run as smoothly and the organization would not be as successful. It is these individuals that make things happen! 

Eugene T. Wolff was one of those individuals. Since 1976 when he joined the DPC to his passing, Gene set the standard of dedication and commitment to the Dairy Practices Council (DPC).  For many years, Gene set up the audio/visual equipment and after he reitired in 1996, he staffed the DPC Dairy Bar at each annual meeting, offering cheeses, yogurts, ice creams and, of course, buttermilk, to eager DPC members during meeting breaks. It is probably because of Gene that many DPC members had their first real taste of buttermilk!

The "Eugene T. Wolff Service Award" is an award that is intended to be presented at the fall Annual Conference of the Dairy Practices Council to a deserving individual who meets the criteria set forth in this document.   


The individual who is nominated for this award must be a member-in-good standing of DPC.  The nominee must have demonstrated a significant contribution to the DPC through behind-the-scenes work and volunteerism, maintaining a standard of dedication and commitment to this organization.

Nominating Procedure

Nominations may be submitted by any DPC member-in-good standing to the presiding DPC Executive Board President prior to or at the Spring Board Meeting. The President presents the nominees to the DPC Executive Board members, where a decision is made to present the award to one of the nominees, or to not present it at all, based upon a majority approval vote of the board members present.

This award was created in 2003.

Year      Award Recipient

2003        Mr. Eugene T. Wolff                    
2005        Mr. Steven Murphy
2008        Mr. George Wilcox                      
2010        Ms. Lynn Hinckley
2011        Dr. Robert E. Graves
2014        Mr. Thomas Herremans 
2015        Mr. Dan Scruton
2015        Ms. Terry A. Musson
2015        Mr. Terry B. Musson
2017        Mr. John Bartell
2017        Mr. Jeffery Bloom
2017        Ms. Nancy Bloom
2019        Dr. John Partridge                                                                                                                                                                                   2020        Ms. Rebecca Piston
2021        Mr. Don Breiner
2022        Mr. Christopher Hylkema