Honorary Life Members

Honorary Life Membership is granted to present or past members of the Dairy Practices Council who have performed outstanding and extraordinary service to the Council.

Honorary Life Members are exempt from dues and registration fees and enjoy all the rights and privileges of regular members. See the DPC Constitution Article III, and Bylaws Article VIII for nominating information.

Honorary Life Members and the year of the award:

1980      Mr. Fred E. Uetz
1980      Mr. Merrill S. Timmins, Jr.
1980      Mr. Milford R. Juckett
1981      Mr. Richard M. Parry, DVM
1982      Dr. Charles W. Livak
1983      Prof. A. Roger Grout
1984      Prof. Richard P. March
1989      Dr. Henry V. Atherton
1990      Mr. Albert F. Zimmermann
1991      Mr. Rodney O. Martin
1992      Mr. Robert G. Light
1992      Mr. Eugene T. Wolff
1993      Mr. Wilmot W. Irish
1994      Mr. Charles W. Johnson
1994      Dr. Joseph F. Mattick
1995      Mr. Anthony B. Bizzarro
1995      Mr. Robert L. Sanders
1996      Dr. Francis E. Gilman
1996      Dr. Gilbert H. Porter
1997      Mr. Robert J. Gales
1998      Mr. Sidney Barnard
1998      Dr.. Stephen Spencer
1999      Mr. Donald George
1999      Ms. Charlotte Hinz
2000      Mr. David L. Sheldon
2000      Mr. Gaylord Smith
2001      Mr. John Greene
2002      Mr. Albert Lahr
2002      Mr. Joseph Moreau
2003      Mr. Alfred Place
2005      Mr. Chris Newcomer
2005      Dr. Stanley Weeks
2006      Mr. John Burke
2006      Dr. John Porter
2008      Mr. George Wilcox
2009      Mr. Terry Musson
2010      Mr. Byron Moyer
2010      Mr. Tom MacNish
2011      Mr. Don Breiner
2011      Mr. Thomas Angstadt
2012      Ms. Lynn Hinckley
2012      Mr. Patrick Cleary
2013      Mr Armand Dragon
2013      Dr. Robert Graves
2014      Mr. Philip Wolff
2015      Mr. Paul Garrett
2015      Mr. Dan Scruton
2016      Mr. Steven Murphy
2017      Mr. Robert Gilchrist
2017      Mr. Thomas Herremans
2018      Mr. M. Jeffery Bloom & Nancy Bloom
2018      Dr. John Partridge
2019      Ms. Nancy Carey
2019      Mr. Patrick Healy                                                                                                                                                                                            2020      Ms. Cary Frye

2021      Mr. Frank Flores

2022      Dr. Joseph Zulovich

2022      Mr. Neil Bendixen