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Guideline Bundle #203 High Quality Milk from Sheep

Somatic cell count (SCC) is commonly referred to as a Leucocyte count.  The SCC is predominantly composed of white blood cells and is considered a good indicator of udder health in a flock.  Mastitis has a number of causes but can generally be prevented.  Sheep, while exhibiting a lactational affect similar to one in cows, should not have a problem remaining below the legal limit. A normal level of mastitis would be less than 1% of your milking flock treated per month.  This Guideline bundle will attempt to point out the major areas of mastitis prevention and strategies to reduce somatic cell counts.  Since the SCC in a sheep will rise significantly higher with a similar infection than that of a cow good milking practices are important.  This bundle was developed to educate farmers, veterinarians, and milk quality specialists on Somatic Cell Counts (SCC) in Sheep. Included is a two-page summary of good milking practices which can be copied and posted in the milking area.

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