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GL 004 Installation, Cleaning & Sanitizing of Large Parlor Milking Systems

This guideline provides a practical discussion, for the dairyman, equipment specialists and certified equipment dealers of the installation, cleaning, and sanitizing of large milking systems. The installation sections cover basic information regarding applications and approvals, the electrical power supply, the vacuum system and sanitary piping and components. The recommendations are kept in line with those of 3-A Accepted Practices for Design, Fabrication and Installation of Milking and Milk Handling Equipment, and with the Milking Machine Manufacturers Council of the Farm and Industrial Equipment Institute. Subjects discussed pertaining to cleaning and sanitizing include: steps in cleaning mechanical cleaned pipeline systems, cleaning and sanitizing bucket milking machines, cleaning vacuum/pulsation lines, cleaning farm milk tanks, and troubleshooting cleaning problems. Also provided are: model application forms, scheduled maintenance services for milking and cooling systems, a checklist for troubleshooting high PI counts, terms and definitions based on international usage, sources of cleaners and sanitizers, cfm ratings for vacuum pumps, and a list of useful references.

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