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GL 087 Low Budget Milking Parlors Retro Fitted in Old Tie Stall Barns

Many smaller dairy farms are seeking to become more efficient and productive while also enhancing cow and labor friendly working and living conditions. A typical scenario involves a farm expanding from less than 100 cows in a tie-stall dairy barn to a freestall barn to accommodate additional cows. A freestall barn and milking parlor allows for improved cow comfort, increased milk production and increased labor efficiency. This guideline reviews methods and procedures for developing a cost effective milking parlor system that effectively utilizes existing resources and can be planned as the first step in a long range improvement plan. Key areas covered in this guideline include: milking parlor options (flat barn, step-up and elevated parlor); construction processes and relationships (temporary milking arrangements, structural changes, electrical, mechanical and plumbing needs, project coordination); unique issues of elevated parlor construction.Related Guidelines.

Non-Member Price: $12
Member Price: $9.50