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All Guideline Listing

A numerical listing of all DPC Guidelines available
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Quick Reference Guide

Manure Management

Manure Management for Dairy Farms

DPC Guideline Sets

Order a complete set of all the current DPC Guidelines or a select the sub-set of Guidelines designed for Small Ruminant Production / Milk Processing (Note: all GLs in the Small Ruminant Set are included in the Complete Set).

Complete Set Quick Reference Guide
Small Ruminant Quick Reference Guide

Milking Machines

Milking Machine Cleaning & Sanitizing, Troubleshooting, Somatic Cell Counts, Milking Procedures

Animal Health and Care

DPC Guidelines Addressing Farm Animal Health & Care.

Milking Parlors

Milking parlors for large & small dairy farms


Planning & Construction, Ventilation, Free Stall, Tie-Stall, Bedded-Pack, Manure & Waste Management, Odor Management, Milkhouses, Bedding, Stray Voltage, Biosecurity, Cleaning & Sanitizing


Dairy processing plant information and related material.

Bulk Tanks (Farms)

Cleaning & Sanitizing on Dairy Farms & in Dairy Plants


Sampling Fluid Milk & other dairy products. Sampling the environment of dairy manufacturing facilities


Butterfat testing, methods

Small Ruminants (goats & sheep)

Small Ruminant dairies, goat and sheep dairies, process goat and sheep milk into various dairy products.

Cleaning & Sanitizing

Good Manufactuuring Practices (GMPs), Hot Water, Milk Plant Cleaning & Sanitation, Farm Bulk Tanker Cleaning, Milkhouse Cleaning, Milking Equipment, Microbial Issues, Food Safety, Extended Runs

Somatic Cell

Somatic Cell Counts, Mastitis, High Cell Counts


Cooling milk on the Farm and in the Dairy Plant.

Tank Trucks

Farm Milk tankers, Bulk tank trucks, Cleaning milk trucks.

Dairy Laboratory Testing

Laboratory testing on a dairy.

Waste Management

Dairy Manufacturing Waste, Dairy Farm Waste, Waste disposal on the farm.


Flavor of Dairy Products and how to prevent off-flavors


Farm water. Dairy farm water, conserving water, Dairy cleaning water, well water.


HACCP for dairy farms & plants. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points