2017 Annual Conference Speaker Presentations

2017 Program, Conf. Photos


General Session, Thursday November 9, 2017

Dairy Foods. What Do We Eat & Why, Including the Role of Science in Shaping Consumer Choice: The Case for Beverage Milk
Andrew Novokavic, PhD. Cornell University

Animal Welfare: Perceptions & Realities
Monica Massey, Dairy Farmers of America (DFA)

Battling to Safeguard Cheese Sales at Home & Abroad: The Geographical Indications Challenge
Shawna Morris, National Milk Producers Federation (NMPF)
If you would like a copy, please e-mail dairypc@dairypc.org

Milk Sampling of the Future
Mark Schwab, QualiTru Sampling Systems


General Session, Friday November 10, 2017

Artisan & Specialty Cheese: in America & at Wegmans
Cathy Gaffney, Wegmans Food Markets

O-AT-KA Dairy Sustainability Program
Ed Pietrzykowski, O-At-Ka Milk Products

From Farm Sustainability to On-Farm Processing: The Craigs Station Story
Brian Paris, Craigs Station Creamery

2017 NCIMS Conference Actions
FDA / NCIMS Update
Frank Flores, FDA


Task Force Sessions

Farm Drug Use and Antibiotic Resistant Microbes in Raw & Treated Manure
Biogas Scrubbing - Technology, Efficiency & Economics Part 1
Biogas Scrubbing Part 2
Biogas Scrubbing Part 3
Jason Oliver, PhD & Curt Gooch, PE, Cornell University

Food Safety Tools for Manufacturers
** For the Links in the Presentation and More Information go to:
Innovation Center for U.S. Dairy: Food Safety Page
Amy Rhodes, HP Hood

Spore Concerns & Testing in Dairy: Reducing Variability and Establishing Standards
Nicole Martin, Cornell University

Tentative 3-A Sanitary Standard for Unitized Equipment for Automatic Milking Installations
Eric Schweitzer, 3-A Sanitary Standards

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