DPC 45, Gravity Flow Gutters for Manure Removal in Milking Barns

Item #: DPC-045

Published: 1997

Pages: 9

This guideline describes the concept and design of gravity flow gutters for manure removal in dairy barns. It provides construction details for length, width and depth of the gutter and for other components such as grates, cross channels and overflow dams. It also gives instructions for proper management of the system.

DISCLAIMER: The DPC is not responsible for the use or application of the information provided in this Guideline. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the information addresses their needs and that any action taken complies with appropriate regulations and standards.

Table of Contents:
Gutter Depth
     Figure 1. Side Cross Section of a Gravity Flow Gutter
     Figure 2. Stepped Gravity Flow Gutter
     Table 1. Gravity Flow Gutter Depth vs. Length for Manure from Milking Cows
     Table 2. Step height vs. length for stepped gravity flow gutters
Width of Gutters
Overflow Dam
Gutter Length
     Figure 3. Cross Section of Typical Gutter and Grate
     Table 3. Slot Size vs. Cattle Age
Cross Channel
     Figure 4. Manure Transfer to Storage
Flooding of Gutters
Bedding Usage
Wastage and Deposits
Cleaning Grates
Flies and Odors

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DPC 45, Gravity Flow Gutters for Manure Removal in Milking Barns

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