DPC 40, Controlling Fluid Milk Volume and Fat Losses

Item #: DPC-040

Published: 2018

Pages: 19

Minimizing product losses is vital to the economic well being of dairy farmers, milk haulers, processors and consumers. This guideline provides useful information controlling product losses from the farm bulk tank to the receiving room, and reducing shrink within the processing plant, with emphasis on fluid milk plants and meeting package weight / volume requirements.

DISCLAIMER: The DPC is not responsible for the use or application of the information provided in this Guideline. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the information addresses their needs and that any action taken complies with appropriate regulations and standards.

Table of Contents:
  Farm Bulk Milk Tank Installation and Calibration
  Farm Bulk Tank Milk Measurements - Milk Accountability
  Farm Tank Sampling - Influence on Milk Fat Tests
  Pump-Out Procedures - Milk Accountability
  Milk Measurement at Receiving - Milk Accountability
  Milk Sampling at Receiving - Implications for Milk Fat Accountability
  Minimizing Plant Milk Weight/Volume Loss - Milk Accountability
  Minimizing Fat Loss - Accounting for Milk Fat
  Dairy Arithmetic - Milk Standardization and other Calculations
  Fluid Milk Operations - Fill Control to Meet Regulations and Reduce Loss
  Records and Inventory at Processing - Establish a Norm and Corrective Measures

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DPC 40, Controlling Fluid Milk Volume and Fat Losses

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