DPC 71, Farmers Guide to Somatic Cell Counts in Sheep

Item #: DPC-071

Published: 2000

Pages: 8

This guideline was developed to educate farmers, veterinarians and milk quality specialists on Somatic Cell Counts (SCC) in Sheep. Included is a two page summary of good milking practices that can be copied and posted in the milking area.

DISCLAIMER: The DPC is not responsible for the use or application of the information provided in this Guideline. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the information addresses their needs and that any action taken complies with appropriate regulations and standards.

Table of Contents:
Steps to prevent elevated somatic cell counts from mastitis
Proper milking procedures
     Hand milking
     Clean, dry, well nourished, comfortable dairy animals
     Milking System
Treatment Plan
     Cull chronic offenders
SCC Crisis Management
     Steps to rapidly reduce your bulk milk somatic cell count
     Management of High SCC Animals
Milking Procedure Using Predipping
Explanation of Milking Procedure

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DPC 71, Farmers Guide to Somatic Cell Counts in Sheep

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