Small Ruminant (Goats & Sheep) Set

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The Small Ruminant (Goats & Sheep) Guideline Set is available on a USB Flash Drive. Guidelines are in digital PDF format that can be opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader / Professional and saved to your computer, or printed. All DPC GLs included with this set that are updated within a year of purchase are included with its purchase (sent to you by email). Note: The GLs listed below are also included in the DPC's Complete Guideline Set; the Small Ruminant Set provides most GLs addressing the needs of small ruminant producers/processors at a lesser cost. No need to order both!

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The Small Ruminant (Goats & Sheep) Set of Guidelines Includes:

DPC 7, Sampling Fluid Milk

DPC 11, Sediment Testing & Producing Clean Milk

DPC 15, Milking Center Wastewater

DPC 18, Fieldperson's Guide to Troubleshooting High Somatic Cell Counts

DPC 21, Raw Milk Quality Tests

DPC 24, Troubleshooting High Bacteria Counts of Raw Milk

DPC 28, Troubleshooting Residual Films on Dairy Farm Milk Handling Equipment

DPC 30, Potable Water on Dairy Farms

DPC 49, Pre- and Post-milking Teat Disinfectants

DPC 50, Farm Bulk Milk Collection Procedures

DPC 58, Sizing Dairy Farm Water Heater Systems

DPC 59, Production and Regulation of Quality Dairy Goat Milk

DPC 70, The Design Installation and Cleaning of Small Ruminant Milking Systems

DPC 71, Farmers Guide to Somatic Cell Counts in Sheep

DPC 72, Farmers Guide to Somatic Cell Counts in Goats

DPC 73, Layout of Dairy Milk Houses for Small Ruminant Operations

DPC 75, Direct Microscopic Examination of Milk From Small Ruminants (A Training Power Point Presentation in PDF format)

DPC 76, Out of Season Breeding for Goats

DPC 78, Biosecurity for Sheep and Goat Dairies

DPC 90, On-Farm and Small-Scale Dairy Products Processing

DPC 100, Food Safety in Farmstead Cheesemaking

DPC 108, Guidelines for Proper Cooling of Milk on Dairy Farms

Note: DPC GLs are for use by members or for those who purchase the GLs. They are not to be reproduced, distributed or posted (e.g., open internet access) without permission from the DPC.

Small Ruminant (Goats & Sheep) Set

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