DPC 66, Planning A Dairy Complex - 100+ Questions To Ask

Item #: DPC-066

Published: 1996

Pages: 10

This guideline raises a wide range of questions-from mundane to complex-regarding what issues need to be addressed when considering a dairy complex. No single source will have answers to all these questions. This is designed to be a helpful guide, leading to a successful project completion.

DISCLAIMER: The DPC is not responsible for the use or application of the information provided in this Guideline. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the information addresses their needs and that any action taken complies with appropriate regulations and standards.

Table of Contents:
Overall Dairy Considerations
Free Stall Barn
Milking Parlor
Milking System
Holding Pen
Milk Room
Manure/Liquid Waste
Other Facilities

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DPC 66, Planning A Dairy Complex - 100+ Questions To Ask

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