DPC 44, Guidelines for Mechanical Ventilation of Dairy Tie-Stall Barns

Item #: DPC-044

Published: 2007

Pages: 24

Every enclosed dairy building needs a ventilation system to remove moisture, odors and foul air and to regulate inside temperature. The health and production of the dairy herd and the quality of milk produced are affected by the method and effectiveness of the ventilation system. The over-all efficiency of the system also affects labor requirements. Poor ventilation results in undesirable working conditions and high building maintenance costs. Mechanical ventilation systems are often used to successfully ventilate dairy tie-stall barns. These systems consist primarily of controlled air inlets, fans, and thermostats or other types of controls.

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Table of Contents:
Reasons to Ventilate a Dairy Barn
Fan Selection 
     Ventilation rate 
     Fan Location 
Air Inlets 
     Uncontrolled Air Inlets
     Continuous Slot Inlets
     Inlet Control 
     Retrofit Inlets
     Self Adjusting Baffle Inlets 
Cold Barns 
Control and Motor Protection
Tunnel Ventilation
     Calculating Required Fan Capacity and Inlet Size
     Fan Installation and Control
     Locating Inlets and Fans
     Tunnel Ventilation System
          Winterizing Tunnel Ventilation Systems
          Alternative Inlet and Fan Locations
    Worksheet for calculating fan capacity & inlet size for a tunnel ventilation
Design Assistance
     Troubleshooting Tools
         Smoke Generator
         Air Speed Meters
Additional References

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DPC 44, Guidelines for Mechanical Ventilation of Dairy Tie-Stall Barns

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