Sustaining Silver Membership

Item #: MEM-SS02

A New Silver Sustaining Member joining the Council is entitled to up to 10 complimentary sets of guidelines in pdf format (on flash drives).

Additional Silver Sustaining Membership Benefits:

  1. Receive new and updated DPC Guidelines for up to 10 members of your organization as they are published and become available throughout the year. Guideline updates will be distributed by email. The DPC will distribute guidelines to your staff's email addresses as provided by you to DPC.
  2. Purchase any quantity of guidelines at a 20% discount.
  3. Receive a 33% discount off two Annual Conference registrations.
  4. For an additional fee, Silver Sustaining Members may set up a table-top display at the Annual Conference

View the Membership info sheet for more information about memberships and benefits.

Sustaining Silver Membership

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