Pre-Conference Workshop - Automatic Milking Systems (Robotics)


Automatic Milking Systems (Robotics); What We Know, Don't Know and Learned Along the Way

This short course on Automated Milk Systems (AMS or Robotics) was developed by dairy professionals with regulatory, engineering and AMS milk quality backgrounds. The aim of this short course is to provide perspectives on the process of building a new barn or retrofitting an existing facility with cow flow in mind; the importance of keeping in constant contact with your milk inspector and/or regulatory personnel during the install phase; and how to manage the AMS for efficiencies and quality starting with day one. This program is designed for regulatory personnel, milk inspectors, dairy producers, veterinarians, milking equipment providers and milk quality consultants with interest in learning more on AMS installations and operation. DPC GL # 109, AUTOMATIC MILKING SYSTEMS; QUESTIONS DAIRYMEN NEED TO ASK will be a part of the short course.

The course includes a booklet and flash drive (digital copies) of all presentation materials, including DPC GL# 109, lunch, and breaks.

Full Workshop Program

Pre-Conference Workshop - Automatic Milking Systems (Robotics)