Manure Management

DPC 1, Planning Dairy Freestall Barns


The guideline provides general information that should be considered before beginning construction.

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DPC 3, Selected Personnel in Milk Sanitation


A compilation of official milk regulatory personnel. Only the digital PDF version is available.


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DPC 5, Directory of Dairy Farm Building & Milking System Resource People


This directory is a compilation of resource people who work with dairy housing and/or milking systems.

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DPC 27, Dairy Manure Management from Barn to Storage.


Planning ahead for small and large improvements in dairy manure systems.

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DPC 36, Dairy Farm Inspection


This guideline on dairy farm inspection contains the sanitation requirements for Grade A raw milk for pasteurization.

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DPC 45, Gravity Flow Gutters for Manure Removal in Milking Barns


This guideline describes the concept and the design of gravity flow gutter for manure removal in dairy barns.

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DPC 46, Dairy Odor Management


This guideline presents various ways to reduce or eliminate odor from dairy manure and other sources on dairy farms.

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DPC 66, Planning A Dairy Complex - 100+ Questions To Ask


This guideline raises a wide range of questions-from mundane to complex-regarding what issues need to be addressed when considering a dairy complex.

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DPC 106, On Farm Anaerobic Digesters - 100+ Questions to Ask


This Guideline raises a wide range of questions regarding what issues need to be addressed when considering an anaerobic digester system.

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DPC 110, Guidelines for Managing Compost Bedded-Pack Barns


This guideline is designed to provide general information about proper construction and management of compost bedded-pack dairy barns in the United States. The compost bedded pack barn consists of a large, open resting area, usually bedded with sawdust or dry, fine wood shavings that are composted in place, along with manure, when mechanically stirred on a regular basis. Facility design, ventilation, timely addition of fresh, dry bedding, frequent and deep stirring, and avoidance of overcrowding are the keys to a good working compost bedded-pack barn

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