Task Force Information

Task Force Directors Roster

Task Force I   Farm Buildings & Equipment

John T. Tyson, Director
Penn State University
Mifflin County Cooperative Extension
Lewistown, PA 17044
Tel: 717-248-9618


  • Activities & guidelines of this Task Force involve buildings & equipment for dairy operations.
  • Systems include designs for handling cows, feed, milk, ventilation & manure.

Task Force II   Plant Equipment & Procedures

Allen Sayler, Director
Center for Food Safety and Regulatory Solutions
Woodbridge, VA
Tel. 571-931-6763


  • To develop meaningful guidelines for procedures and equipment involved in dairy plant operations.
  • To promote uniformity between the states.

Task Force III   Laboratory & Quality Control Procedures

Pat Healy, Director
USDA Milk Market Administrator
Lenexa, KS
Tel: 913-495-9315


  • To cover topics related to laboratory, quality control, product evaluation & trouble shooting procedures.
  • To cover methods of assuring quality through good production and manufacturing procedures.

Task Force IV   Regulatory Issues & HACCP

Vacant, Director


  • To foster communications & uniformity between the states.
  • This Task Force has been assigned guidelines concerning inspections as well as those relating to HACCP.

Task Force V   Milking Systems & Procedures

Steve Lehman, Director
Michigan Milk Producers Assoc.
Novi, MI 48375


  • To address guidelines relating to milking system design, equipment and facility function and cleaning.

Task Force VI   Small Ruminants

Christopher Hylkema, Director
NY State Dept. of Agriculture & Markets
Albany, NY
Tel 716-725-5080


  • To develop guidelines pertaining to all aspects of production and processing for dairy goat, sheep and other small ruminant operations.