The Dairy Practices Council Executive Board (Board of Directors and Task Force Directors)

DPC Officers

Members Representing Regulatory

Members Representing Industry

Members Representing Education

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Task Force Directors

Task Force Directors Past and Present

Task Force Directors also serve as members of the Executive Board.

Task Force I Farm Buildings & Equipment

John T. Tyson
Penn State University
Mifflin County Cooperative Extension
Lewistown, PA
Tel: 717-248-9618

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Task Force II Plant Equipment & Procedures

Allen Sayler
Center For Food Safety and Regulatory Solutions
Woodbridge, VA
Tel: 571-931-6763
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Task Force III Laboratory & Quality Control Procedures

Patrick Healy
USDA Milk Market Administrator, FMMA
Lenexa, KS
Tel. 913-495-9315
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Task Force IV Regulatory Issues & HACCP

Philip Wolff,
Retired, USDA Agricultural Marketing Service
Manassas, VA
Tel: 202-720-9386
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Task Force V Milking Systems & Procedures

Steve Lehman
Michigan Milk Producers
Novi, MI
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Task Force VI Small Ruminants

Christopher Hylkema
NY State Dept of Agriculture & Markets
Albany, NY
Tel: 716-725-5080
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See the Task Force Directors, past & present, here.